Goal and design

The consortium aims to better understand and predict which COVID-19 patient should receive which treatment and which type of care.

The CovidPredict consortium is a nationwide observational cohort study and aims to better understand the clinical course of COVID-19 and to predict which COVID-19 patients should receive which treatment and which type of care. This is done using a central database, providing insights and, where possible, applying advanced data analysis techniques. With these efforts the consortium intends to support physicians in charge of the care of COVID-19 patients based on real-world evidence.


In the CovidPredict Clinical Course project, participating hospitals collect data from all COVID-19 patients admitted to the nursing ward or intensive care unit. Information about patient characteristics, the diseases’ progression, history, and presentation in the hospital, as well as the course of the hospital stay including applied treatments, are collected retrospectively. After discharge, data on the outcome and complications are also collected.


  1. Data collection is done manually by independent data managers or, where possible, through automated data extraction from the electronic patient charts. The data is stored encoded in a database kindly provided by Castor EDC. The case report form (CRF) is based on the original WHO's COVID CRF but has had several iterations when more relevant aspects of the clinical course became clear. Please go to the participate page to learn more about the data collection and the support offered by the consortium for participating.
    Statistical analyses depend on the research question that is aimed to be answered.


The protocol and associated data protection impact analyses assessed by the Medical Ethical Committees are available to participating hospitals upon request The CovidPredict Clinical Course project was set up as a twinning study with another project, the ICU Decision Support project (for more information, see this link and see the section on “history” ). The ethical board application was done for both projects together.