CovidPredict: Dutch national COVID-19 database

The corona virus has resulted in an enormous pressure on Dutch healthcare. It is therefore of paramount importance that the care given to COVID-19 patients is optimal and efficient.

CovidPredict: Dutch national COVID-19 patient database
Since the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, the virus has had an enormous impact on Dutch healthcare, particularly on Intensive Care Units (ICUs) during the peaks of the pandemic. In order to better understand the risk factors and treatment outcomes in patients admitted to the hospital with COVID-19, the CovidPredict consortium was started. By collecting and analyzing data from COVID-19 patients admitted to the ward and the ICU, we aim to better understand the disease and to help determine the best treatment options.

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Study design



National cooperation

Currently, the CovidPredict consortium includes thirteen hospitals: both academic and non-academic teaching/non-teaching hospitals.  Data of patients with COVID-19 at any hospital department (excluding paediatrics) is collected through a case report form (CRF) adapted from  the World Health Organization ISARIC data collection form. Where possible, automated data extractions from electronic patient charts are used. 

The consortium has grown rapidly since the start of the project, and the size of the available data has been growing in proportion (over 13.000 inclusions from different hospitals). On the collaborators page you will be able to find a list of the participating centers. 


Hospitals can participate directly in the data collection by contributing data from their patients. Each participating hospital may claim a seat in the steering committee. Researchers or research groups from participating hospitals can submit research questions directly with a standardized form. Researchers from non-participating hospitals may submit research questions by contacting the board. Study proposals are discussed on a regular basis.

The page to register for participation can be found here.

Figure 1: total included patients in the COVID-19 Clinical Course database

Total number of included patients in de CovidPredict